Feeders For Deer

 How To Choose Deer Feeders For Your Garden

There are a lot of different types of deer feeders on the market and this can make it hard to determine which one you should be getting.  If you want to attract deer to your garden, a deer feeder is the best option, but only if you have the right one.  Fortunately, there are a number of tips that you can use which will help you determine which deer feeders will be right for your needs. Here are some great tips from http://www.feedthatgame.com to help you  get the right deer feeders.

An Automatic Release
There are a few common types of deer feeders in the market and some popular models which you can consider.  The one thing that these popular feeders have in common is that they have an automatic release function.  This means that the feeder can be programmed to discharge new feed at set intervals and will be more consistent than others.

An automatic release should be one of the points that you look for in the feeder that you choose.  This is due to the fact that they ensure the deer will continue returning to the garden in the hope of getting food.  You will also be able to stop the deer feed from getting wet or soggy as it is securely held in the container area of the feeder. 

The Feed You Use
When looking at deer feeders, you have to consider the type of feed you are going to use.  Not all feeders will be able to handle deer pellets and you need to consider this.  If you are going to be using deer pellets, you will need to choose a feeder that is created for this. 

When looking for a pellet feeder, you should look for one that discharges the pellets at the base.  This type of feeder will be ideal if you have more than one deer visiting your feeder each day.  The reason for this is the simple fact that the feed will not stay fresh throughout the day. 

If you do not want to use pellets, you can also look at grains such as oats or corn.  Again, you will need to ensure that the feeder is able to handle this and will not have problems releasing the feed.  Whole dried corn is one of the recommended feeds because it is healthy for the deer and will stay fresh for longer. 

When you consider the feed you will be using, you should also think about water sources.  Adding a water source such as a tough or dish is a good idea.  This will increase the chances of deer visiting your garden as they are able to get food and water in one place. 

Stopping Other Animals
When you have any animal feeding system which is left outside, there is the chance of many different animals using it.  A deer feeder is no different and there is a chance that birds and squirrels will use the feeder as well.  The problem is that they are generally hard to repulse and you will never be able to completely stop them from using the feeder as well.

However, there are some deer feeders that have been designed to limit the number of other animals which are able to use them.  If you only want deer to use the feeder, there are also some ways to modify the feeder to stop other animals, particularly squirrels.  The interference by other animals can also be lessened when you place your deer feeder in a detached area instead of in a tree. 

The Ease Of Installation
There is no point in getting a deer feeder is you are unable to install it in your garden.  This is why you need to look for ones that are easy to install and will not need a contractor.  Most of the popular deer feeder models will be easy to install and you need to consider this.